Month: February 2017

The Initial Inspiration Behind Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble

It was one fateful day that Whitney Wolfe has noticed her reluctance to text a guy first. One thing that she was told when she talked about it to her friends is that it is one of the major sins of flirtation. Guys these days are expecting women to make the first move. Some would argue that a lot of women make the first move. It is just that a lot of guys have a hard time picking up on it because they find women to be more subtle than men. As a result of this talk, Whitney Wolfe has decided to build Bumble.

During the talk, Whitney Wolfe has talked about the need for some kind of set up where women are the ones that have to make the first move. One thing that Whitney has compared it to is the woman having the man’s number but the man not having the woman’s number. The only way something could happen is if the woman makes it happen. As a result, Bumble was born. All Whitney Wolfe had to do was develop the app and work out all of the kinks so that it can work well for both men and women.

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Bumble has turned out to be liberating for both men and women. However, it also helps out in the homosexual area as well. For two men, either men are allowed to message one another in order to get the ball going. However, when it comes to heterosexuality, not only are women encouraged to make the first move, but they are also urged to make a move within 24 hours of being given the match. Afterwards, the match is gone and their window of opportunity is closed. Whitney Wolfe has definitely put together something that is an answer to both men and women’s wishes.

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Stem Cell Treatment – How Can it Save Lives?

Stem cell therapy is becoming more popular because this powerful treatment promises that dangerous diseases can finally be cured. What are actually stem cells? Stem cells exist in a human’s body from the embryonic development and last until the end of the life.

The biggest percentage of stem cells are placed in bone marrow and the blood of an adult person. One of the most common usages of stem cell is in lung therapy. Team of experts from the Baylor College of Medicine say that cell therapy for lungs is very effective and treat different types of diseases and disorders such as cystic fibrosis.

The Lung institute is one of the best places where a patient can be introduced to this powerful cell treatment. From the very beginning, the Lung institute has fought hard against all kinds of diseases.

The Lung Institute realizes that many patients have different stories and come from a variety of backgrounds. Patients may have played sports in the past or have been involved with many different activities such as writing or reading books. While patients do have chronic lung conditions, the Lung Institute realizes that every patient needs to be treated with care. They also need to be treated in a unique manner because patients are not exactly the same. Treatments are developed for each patient to ensure that great results are achieved with stem cell treatment.

The Lung institute experts have a lot of experience in stem cell treatment in order to help their patients to improve their lives. The Lung institute also writes useful articles about their powerful way of treating lung diseases with stem cell treatment.

Helpful articles about stem cell treatment can be found on their blog. Also check out for the company review.

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