Fabletics Knows What You Want, Literally

Ever since the dawn of fashion brands and sportswear, fashion has helped motivate people to hit the gym and feel good about themselves. And Kate Hudson is ready to take the market by storm with her unique service brand titled ‘Fabletics,’ which offers the perfect package of customized outfit options.


With the objective of growing a business worth $250 million in three years, Fabletics joins a growing trend of ‘activewear.’ The service requires a subscription for customers to buy clothes specifically picked for their activities and preferences.


Traditionally speaking, businesses would rely mainly on high quality and competitive prices to dominate the market, but new ventures such as Fabletics capitalize on the exclusivity of design and end-to-end customer service.


Following in the footsteps of Warby Parker and Apple, Fabletics aims to open a larger number of physical outlets this year, in addition to the 16 open currently in Hawaii, Florida, Illinois and California.


Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics General Manager, thinks that the secret to Fabletic’s success is the ability to make the customer happy by simply knowing exactly what he or she wants, thereby offering a product of high-value right from the beginning.


Fabletics has re-engineered the tradition physical store in many ways. It encourages ‘reverse showrooming’, a strategy of having activities and events that help the brand to better connect with potential interested customers. This helps build a relationship and get better acquainted with the local markets, rather than falling prey to customers browsing stores only to look for a cheaper alternative elsewhere, costing companies huge amounts of money. 30-50% of traffic walking into the store are already members as a result and 25% more end up becoming members once in the store. Any piece of clothing tried by the customer goes into the online shopping cart too, transforming retail into a deliverable as part of the membership service.


The clothing retained by the local stores are picked using customer data including sentiment across social media, heat-mapping of stores, and sales activity in real-time. This data-driven approach to business combined with a seamless online-offline experience has enabled Fabletics to compete with the likes of Amazon and AliExpress in the already cutthroat industry of e-commerce and fashion.


Teri Hutcheon, a blogger who writes non-sponsored health reviews on her blog ‘A Foodie Stays Fit,’ sees Fabletics as a company offering quality a lot higher than what she expected judging by the pay, among other things. The compression of the bras accentuated her curves well and didn’t seem to lose shape or color over time. She found a good range of style options to choose from ranging from solid colors to more fun looking apparel which she found novel.


She also found the clothing, specifically the sweatpants a great buy for the price compared to rival brands like Lululemon, Splits, Beyond Yoga and 59. She recommends the service and found the online interface convenient to use.


Fabletics offers to take the headache of having to search every last store to put together the perfect gym wardrobe off your hands and does so at a competitive price depending on the service you opt for. So go ahead and treat yourself to the fashion based service of the future.

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