Real Estate Lynchpin Arthur Becker Speaks of his Success

Not often do people in the technology industry move to the real estate sector. However, Arthur Becker made this switch, and it’s proving to be successful. When he was working at ZINIO, and NaviSite, Arthur’s regular clients were real estate agents. Intermingling with them grew his passion for the industry, which drove him to establish Madison Partners, LLC, an investment firm. He later sold NaviSite to fund his real estate venture.

As part of his work, Arthur interacted with players from the biotech industry. He realized that the field was not saturated with entrepreneurs. He saw venturing into this sector as an opportunity to hit two birds with one stone, as he would alleviate health standards as well as make profits.

As odd as it may seem, Arthur is not a fan of strict schedules. He stated that his real estate in the suburbs of New York is on the final touches. Becker further disclosed that he would be developing elegant villas in Tribeca shortly.

Another key to Arthur’s success is working with the crème de la crème of the industry. He said that working with experts give him a relatively easy time because they need minimum supervision. Moreover, Arthur disclosed how the process of construction in its entirety fazes him.

According to Arthur, blind passion without critical thinking is a recipe for failure to entrepreneurs. While passion gives you the impetus to establish a venture, critical thinking is imperative in upholding the business. Also, he stated that a close relationship between management and employees is likely to bear prosperous results.

In conclusion, Arthur Becker stressed the necessity of hearing out others and being flexible to change. He added that talent alone might not suffice; it needs to be shaped and nurtured to realize its full benefits.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur is a top executive at investments giants, Madison Partners, LLC. In his illustrious career, Arthur has worked in ZINIO, an international digital newsstand and NaviSite, an IT solutions provider. View his full bio on Linked In.

Additionally, Arthur was a consultant for a substantial period at era Wang Fashion Company. He has also contributed to the establishment of several companies, including the famous Atlantic LLC.


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