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Brian Bonar Taking Financial Industry a Notch Higher

Brian Bonar is a Scottish financial specialist and the CEO of Trucept, a company that provides insurance products and temporary staff for businesses in San Diego. He is a famous businessman and an entrepreneur. Brian did his masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University and later joined in the world of business.

His experience from different enterprises has made him become a business consultant and an advisor. Brian Bonar is also the CEO and founder of Dorlada financial group, which provides employee programs in different companies.

Under the leadership of Brian Bonar, the company has helped numerous clients manage their financial status. In 2010, he was honored as the Executive of the year in finance due to his leadership skills, academic accomplishments, and achievements in his career been in the financial sector for over thirty years.

Brian professional journey started as procurement manager at IBM, a company that produced and sold computers. Later, he moved to QMS as a Director of Engineering where he led a team of 100 engineers. He held the position in sales and marketing department for Rastek Corporation, a company that dealt with printing technology.

In Rastek, he interacted with Japanese and Korean companies gaining more knowledge from a different point of view. Brian Bonar decided to start his business, and Bezier Systems came into place.

A year later, he went back to work as the vice president of sales and marketing of ITEC imaging technologies printing manufacturers from Japan and Korea. He founded AMS Outsourcing Company and managed it while he was still working with ITEC. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

According to Bloomberg, Bellamy’s Restaurant is one big success in the life of the famous entrepreneur and businessman Brian Bonar.

It is in the southern California city of Escondido and fits in with the culture and style of the city well known for its delicacies. Brian had transformed the restaurant which was under different ownership before he took over.

Sawyer Howitt: Entrepreneurs Don’t Have To Be Grownups

For some kids, their senior year in high school is all about enjoying prom and the last few months before college starts. For Sawyer Howitt, his senior year has been all about refining and growing his entrepreneurial goals. Sawyer Howitt is a Portland-based entrepreneur and racquetball player, and a project manager at The Meriwether Group, which provides finances and growth support for emerging startups. Previously, he was a Business Strategy Analyst with Meriwether, examining how RFID can be used to speed up the shopping checkout process.

Howitt has served as a director for several philanthropic organizations that are committed to developing a better world for women and minorities. He has also mentored at-risk teens, and completed several business and finance internships.

In the fall of this year, Howitt will begin his college career at Columbia University, with a major in Entrepreneurial Finance. He blogs regularly about racquetball at, and about sports and entrepreneurship on Twitter @sawyerhowitt.

Karl Heideck Is A Leading Litigator In The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck Is A Leading Litigator
Karl Heideck Is A Leading Litigator In The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck is a leading Pennsylvania litigation attorney. As a litigator, Heideck represents businesses, organizations, and individuals. Heideck has been practicing law for over a decade.

In addition to his work as litigator, Karl Heideck represents clients in regard to commercial, products liability, and employment law matters. He represents clients facing issues pertaining to regulatory compliance and risk management.

Heideck obtained his law degree from Temple University School of Law. Before attending school at Temple, Heideck obtained a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in English language and literature, with a concentration in letters. He graduated from both schools with honors.

Many individuals interested in becoming litigation attorneys begin to prepare for careers as litigators while in law school. As a result, the focus on a set of courses that include courtroom practice, evidence, and civil procedure.

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Many law students who want to become litigators will also become involved in a law school’s clinic program. Through a law clinic, a third year law student represents clients under the supervision of an attorney.

In addition, while in law school, a future litigator may also elect to become involved in a moot court program. This provides hands-on courtroom practice training as well as access to moot court competitions.

Many litigators leave school and take jobs with the office of a prosecuting attorney. This can be on the local, state, or federal level. These positions provide budding litigators with a considerable amount of actual courtroom experience, which is invaluable to a litigator.

Litigation attorneys can be found in private practices, businesses, governmental agencies, and different types of organizations. There are law firms in the United States that maintain large litigation departments. There are also smaller law firms that focus their practice on litigation.

Many litigators specialize in a particular area of the law. For example, some litigators represent clients in personal injury cases, while others practice in the business law arena.

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