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Cloud Scaling with NuoDB

Out with the old, and in with the new as database architecture is changing with the times. NuoDB is that change. The NuoDB is SQL compliant and is presented as an elastic, scalable database for cloud operations. The ability to scale from the beginning is possible because of the tiered approach the database utilizes. NuoDB is comprised of multiple tiers of transaction engines and storage managers, all available to the client as needed, when needed.
Customers of NuoDB, such as software vendors, find that scalability is not the only positive aspect of the software, but that it also allows for applications to reach market faster and lowers the total cost of ownership because it is a one stop shop for data management and retrieval. As a result of these advantages, customers can benefit from today’s growing technology such as cloud computing. Simply put, NuoDB is an elastic NewSQL database that is memory centric, acid compliant, and cloud scalable; creating an environment that is capable today and prepared for tomorrow.

Interview and Insight with Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is an amazing woman who has achieved a lot in the world of education and business. When we look at the education sector in the United States, we see most of the rich kids getting the upper hand in the reception of advanced education systems. For the low-income families and students, they fail to secure a proper education system to achieve the best in this life. Education is the key to success for a low-income family. For the rich kids, they own companies and other high-end capabilities. For this reason, education is just a secondary opinion to develop their advanced capabilities in this industry.


Eva Moskowitz has served as an advocate for the low-income students in New York. She has also sat on many boards to develop the education system through innovation and capability. While she is a child of two professors working at the University of Harvard, her education system is developed to enhance the world of business through strategic development capabilities in this industry. Eva Moskowitz is also the Founder and CEO of the Success Academy. This is a company that fights for the rights of the low-income students in New York and other parts of the world. According to the research conducted by the Success Academy, more than 70 percent of the successful students in exam come from the low-income families of the United States. For this reason, there is more need to develop a system that looks at the business solutions gained through taking advantage of the development accelerations.


Before completing her Ph.D. education from the University of Maryland, Eva Moskowitz worked with New York City Hall as a manager and director for education in the State Officers. During that time, there were limited sources of funding available to help the low-income students develop a relationship in this industry. For this reason, no one knows the best option to showcase these students in the country. Eva Moskowitz is capacitated as a better business dealer who has a keen interest in developing the community to become a safer and prosperous place for all in the future.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Efforts to Improve Cancer Treatment with Better Research

Although breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in today’s society, there exists negligible information concerning the disease that could aid in future improvement in the mode of treatment. While the healthcare system rewards innovators who come up with new drug discoveries, less support and motivation is available to the researchers; as a result, all the information gathered remains sealed in their research institutions and undistributed to other investigators. The consequence of this is that doctors make decisions on the mode of treatment without concise information on the patient’s particular genetics and medical history.

Tempus is a technology company founded by Eric Lefkofsky and dedicated to building the world’s largest library dealing with molecular and clinical data in partnership with the University of Chicago. The completed project will offer molecular sequencing and improved analysis procedures to Chicago breasts cancer treatment specialists. The firm’s partners and administrates will ensure that the professionals have the required resources to create personalized treatments plans for their cancer patients. More so the doctors will be able to make accurate real-time decisions on the most suitable treatment method that are more efficient to a patient and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky serves as the CEO of Tempus company and has a strong motivation to help cancer patients have better health by providing extensive data analysis and modernized research methodologies. Eric has exemplary managerial and leadership which remain invaluable to his companies. He has the required educational skillsets having graduated from the University Of Michigan’s law school with a Juris Doctor degree. Eric is the co-founder and chairman of Group, a global E-commerce marketplace company that deals with predictive analytics, light bank, Mediaocean and Inner workings. Eric is the author of Accelerated Program and serves as a professor at the University of Chicago and what Eric knows.

Lefkofsky has high regards for the well-being of society and engages in regular philanthropic campaigns. He also often speaks of his lifelong dedication to upgrading the lives of society’s members in various platforms around the world. Earlier in 2006, he established a private charity, Lefkofsky Family Foundation, with the aim of funding researchers with an aim to develop scientific solutions to fatal illnesses such as cancer and neurological disorders ailing children. Eric serves as a trustee on the board of Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Mike Baur and the Success of Swiss Startups

Switzerland is one of the few countries that have had a long tradition of excellent banking and the country owes a large part of its fame to its world renowned banking and financial sector. It is home to some of the biggest banks and most reputable financial institutions in the world along with the biggest names in the industry. Among these top names is that of Mike Baur, the founder and managing partner at Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur is a man with decades of experience working within the banking and finance industry and has worked at several international institutions before founding the one where he currently serves as the managing partner.

He started his career more in banking more than 20 years ago by working as one of the commercial apprentices at UBS. From this humble station, Mike was able to slowly claw his way up over more than two decades and eventually rose to the top echelons of an international Swiss Private Bank where e served as a board member. Aged 39, Baur and two of his partners got together in the year 2014 when they decided to establish the Swiss Startup Factory. The company they founded as seen tremendous success over the years and is today regarded as the number 1 privately funded and independent ICT Startup accelerator in the country even though it is still in its early stages of life. Not many startup accelerators in the country can boast of achieving the same success in such a short time.

In terms of education, Mike Baur is a holder of an MBA which he earned from the University of Rochester in New York in addition to an executive MBA which he obtained from the University of Berne. Professionally he has worked for several big companies and, in addition to the Swiss Startup Factory he is also the director and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association.

Among the many accolades and awards that Mike Baur has earned over the years including being profiled in December last year in a Wall Street Journal articles that covered his career and rise from starting as a banker to success as an entrepreneur and startup investor. In is work with the Swiss Startup Factory he was named as CTI Invest’s deputy managing partner following the partnership that was established between the two companies in January of 2016. He continues to support numerous Swiss startup companies both financially and through mentorship.


U.S Money Reserve, Beneficial for Everyone

U.S Money Reserve is the largest private distributor in the United States of America. U.S Money Reserve distributes gold, silver and platinum products which are issued by none other than the Government itself.

U.S Money Reserve was founded back in 2001 and has grown to become the largest and private agency to distribute both U.S, and foreign Government issued products. Millions of people across the U.S rely on this agency for their service. There are a lot of similar agencies providing the same service, but they do not possess the same standard as the U.S Money Reserve. This agency has satisfied all of its clients and has made a reputation across the U.S.

U.S Money Reserve has a professionally trained team which knows the proper method of coin researching and is aware of the current market to gain the highest profit for the agency. The coin research industry has always been known to find low-quality metal to sell at a greater price but the U.S Money Reserve is the only agency in U.S to provide the best metal quality according to the price.

U.S Money Reserve has established a relationship with every coin research industry in the world and is located in Austin, Texas with small franchises all over The United States of America.

The U.S Money Reserve launched their very first television show which is known as Gold Summit. This television show lasts 28 minutes and takes place in Los Angeles, California. This place is very famous because of Larry King. Larry King has been known as the world’s most famous anchor and news reporter. Larry King serves as the moderator of this show to make it successful and gain more views every week.

Michael Reagan, the son of the former President Ronald Reagan, has also joined this show for promotion and is handling a lot of backstage stuff. Some even believe that U.S Money Reserve is also one of his ideas and he has made the people of the U.S believe that everyone deserves to own gold even if the client is not rich enough to afford this. This business benefits both the Government of the United States of America and also the client because the money taken from the client is invested in the improvement and better future development of The United States of America.


Money Reserve is available for everyone and is looking for all kinds of clients to have a good deal between the both parties which is beneficial for all.

Business Advice on how to Get to the Top in Your Industry, John Goullet –Chairman of DIVERSANT, LLC

John Goullet is the current DIVERSANT, LLC Principal, and Chairman. He initially worked as a Computer Consultant; afterward as IT recruitment account manager before establishing his IT Recruitment Company in 1994. Mr. Goullet pushed his Info Technologies on studying the corporate environment and the IT staffing requirements of his clients, subsequently harmonizing the work style and qualities of his consultants, and their skill sets to meet the overall client requests.

John Goullet has developed Info Technologies into a respected company, twice cited by Inc. 500 magazine, among the nation’s top private companies. John Goullet earned his Computer Science Master’s degree from Ursinus College, in 1983. He started his career as an IT consultant, and later transitioned into IT staffing. John’s IT recruitment solutions business grew of $30 million in net worth in just five years.

IdeaMench Interview Recap

The idea for DIVERSANT and IT recruitment firm came 24 years ago when John realized that it was a less competitive business. He noticed many had succeeded before him and hoped that he would too. Mr. Gullet begins his day in the gym at 6 am and a leaves office at 6 pm unless he has a dinner appointment. He brings his ideas to life by staying current on the labor markets and the latest technologies in demand. He is excited by high-tech trends and believes the future of DIVERSANT depends on delivering top-notch candidates to their clients.

As an entrepreneur, John advises the best thing to do repeatedly is to emulate top competitors in your industry and their best practices. His growth strategy is to hire the best, make them shareholders and hire many trainees. Empower your youngest hires thru rigorous mentoring and training, and form a habit of accountability and more information click here.

Gullet’s greatest failure was hiring senior sales executives that he did not hold accountable until things got ugly. Business idea tip from John Goullet; any time the federal government enforces new regulations, in your industry, there is a great opportunity, be on the lookout. Best book recommendation to read – Defeating Jihad, The Winnable War, by Sebastian Gorka and what John knows.

As a futurist, John saw growth with others, so he collaborated with Diversant Inc. retaining the leadership of the new merger.

Bruce Levenson Shows Pride In Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson has a non-profit initiative he’s been passionate about since its beginning, the Do Good Institute of the University of Maryland, Levenson has been in the journalism and mass media industry for many years and is also a former NBA owner. Now he’s focusing on non-profit work and helping prepare young people to be charity leaders, a cause he believes should go along with business success. Levenson encourages young people to make the same creative decisions they would make to start a business and use them to keep a non-profit group running. He’s highlighted the need for business-minded leaders to head up groups that have the right vision but lack the ingenuity to keep going.

Levenson is a visionary who turned a small newsletter printing company into a major media conglomerate. He got his education at Washington University and also holds a J.D. from American University law school, and while studying law he wrote for the Washington Star. He and Ed Peskowitz started their newsletter company in 1977 and in a fairly short time were running a million-dollar corporation. That company became United Communications Group (UCG), a publication business for technology, energy, and healthcare. Levenson also started another company that became publicly-traded as a technology research company named TechTarget.

Levenson and Peskowitz bought the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks under the formation of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Levenson sold the team in 2015 reports Forbes and also has been pushing for a lawsuit against the former insurance company AIG. Levenson has played competitive basketball himself and loves youth sports, so he helped start Hoop Dreams in Washington D.C. for young people to play in a competitive tournament while also raising funds for scholarships. Levenson also was on the Board of Directors for the Concert against Hate event, a live performance of various artists speaking out against hate speech and bigotry.

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