Bruce Levenson Shows Pride In Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson has a non-profit initiative he’s been passionate about since its beginning, the Do Good Institute of the University of Maryland, Levenson has been in the journalism and mass media industry for many years and is also a former NBA owner. Now he’s focusing on non-profit work and helping prepare young people to be charity leaders, a cause he believes should go along with business success. Levenson encourages young people to make the same creative decisions they would make to start a business and use them to keep a non-profit group running. He’s highlighted the need for business-minded leaders to head up groups that have the right vision but lack the ingenuity to keep going.

Levenson is a visionary who turned a small newsletter printing company into a major media conglomerate. He got his education at Washington University and also holds a J.D. from American University law school, and while studying law he wrote for the Washington Star. He and Ed Peskowitz started their newsletter company in 1977 and in a fairly short time were running a million-dollar corporation. That company became United Communications Group (UCG), a publication business for technology, energy, and healthcare. Levenson also started another company that became publicly-traded as a technology research company named TechTarget.

Levenson and Peskowitz bought the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks under the formation of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Levenson sold the team in 2015 reports Forbes and also has been pushing for a lawsuit against the former insurance company AIG. Levenson has played competitive basketball himself and loves youth sports, so he helped start Hoop Dreams in Washington D.C. for young people to play in a competitive tournament while also raising funds for scholarships. Levenson also was on the Board of Directors for the Concert against Hate event, a live performance of various artists speaking out against hate speech and bigotry.

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