Cloud Scaling with NuoDB

Out with the old, and in with the new as database architecture is changing with the times. NuoDB is that change. The NuoDB is SQL compliant and is presented as an elastic, scalable database for cloud operations. The ability to scale from the beginning is possible because of the tiered approach the database utilizes. NuoDB is comprised of multiple tiers of transaction engines and storage managers, all available to the client as needed, when needed.
Customers of NuoDB, such as software vendors, find that scalability is not the only positive aspect of the software, but that it also allows for applications to reach market faster and lowers the total cost of ownership because it is a one stop shop for data management and retrieval. As a result of these advantages, customers can benefit from today’s growing technology such as cloud computing. Simply put, NuoDB is an elastic NewSQL database that is memory centric, acid compliant, and cloud scalable; creating an environment that is capable today and prepared for tomorrow.

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