Securus Technologies adapts battlefield technology to use in the nation’s prison

Throughout the history of technology, one of the major drivers of innovation has been war itself. World War I, World War II and the Vietnam war all yielded advances in technology that eventually made their way into improving the lives of everyday Americans. Things such as jet airline travel, the personal computer and high-performance automobiles all came out of wartime technology.


The trend of war driving technological innovation continues today. From the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, various technologies have made their way back to the civilian market, improving the lives of millions of Americans and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of various industries.


One such story is the technology known as Stingray that has been adapted by Securus Technologies, the leading inmate communications security company in the nation today. Stingray was developed on the battlefields of the Middle East, as a response to enemy insurgents using cellular technology to gain an advantage over American troops. Their advantage did not last long. The Stingray system has enabled troops to interdict and listen in on enemy communications taking place on any cellular device. This technology is now being repurposed for the prison industry, being deployed in the fight against illicit cellular devices within the nation’s jails and carceral facilities.


Cellular devices that are illegally brought into prisons pose a major security threats to the institutions where they are encountered. This is due to the ability of gangs to use cellular devices to further criminal enterprises, including ordering crimes to be committed on the outside of prison, potentially endangering civilians as well as inmates and guards.


The deployment of Stingray technology has radically reduced the number of illicit cellular devices in the institutions where this technology has been available. By removing the chief means of communications that gangs and their leaders have available, Securus is eliminating one of the largest potential security threats in prisons today.


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