Securus Technologies Wants Inmates To Be Without Cell Phones, And That Is A Good Thing

Being in prison is obviously the last place that a person wants to be. Some people think that inmates ought to at least have the dignity of making phone calls to their loved ones. They think that it at least brings a little piece of humanity to them. However, there are more things to consider than just the feelings of inmates. There are lives potentially at risk.


An Ex-Corrections Officer Gets Attacked


When you take on the role of being a corrections officer, you take on certain risks and responsibilities that the general public does not have to face. You deal with people that society has deemed to be criminals on a daily basis. It becomes essential that those individuals prepare themselves for every eventuality.


An ex-corrections officer by the name of Robert Johnson knows first hand the experience of being threatened and in fact attacked because of his line of work. After fifteen years of working in the Lee Correctional Facility in Lee County, South Carolina, he was attacked in his own home. An intruder entered and struggled with him before eventually firing six shots into his stomach and nearly killing him.


We are all very lucky to have Robert Johnson around with us today to tell his story. It is an inspirational story for those who fight on the front lines every day to keep inmates from acquiring cell phones and other contraband that they are not supposed to have.


The Mission Of Securus Technologies


Securus wants to highlight this story and others to show why the work that they do is so important. You see, Securus works with law enforcement to keep inmates from having cell phones that they can use within the walls of the prison.


Earlier this very year, Securus won a big victory in that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to tighten up regulations on the wireless carriers and how they operate within areas that have a correctional facility. They would like to see those carriers held to task to make sure they are not allowing inmates to have access to things that they are not supposed to have.


This year from July of 2016 to July of 2017, Securus helped to detect and block almost two million illegal phone calls coming from inmates. They put a stop to those so as to preserve the safety of the public. That many illegal phone calls came from just the eight correctional facilities that Securus was monitoring at that time. That should go to show you just how serious this problem has become.


Given all of this, it is great news for all of the rest of us that there is someone out there on the front lines helping to keep us safe.


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