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Securus Technologies adapts battlefield technology to use in the nation’s prison

Throughout the history of technology, one of the major drivers of innovation has been war itself. World War I, World War II and the Vietnam war all yielded advances in technology that eventually made their way into improving the lives of everyday Americans. Things such as jet airline travel, the personal computer and high-performance automobiles all came out of wartime technology.


The trend of war driving technological innovation continues today. From the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, various technologies have made their way back to the civilian market, improving the lives of millions of Americans and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of various industries.


One such story is the technology known as Stingray that has been adapted by Securus Technologies, the leading inmate communications security company in the nation today. Stingray was developed on the battlefields of the Middle East, as a response to enemy insurgents using cellular technology to gain an advantage over American troops. Their advantage did not last long. The Stingray system has enabled troops to interdict and listen in on enemy communications taking place on any cellular device. This technology is now being repurposed for the prison industry, being deployed in the fight against illicit cellular devices within the nation’s jails and carceral facilities.


Cellular devices that are illegally brought into prisons pose a major security threats to the institutions where they are encountered. This is due to the ability of gangs to use cellular devices to further criminal enterprises, including ordering crimes to be committed on the outside of prison, potentially endangering civilians as well as inmates and guards.


The deployment of Stingray technology has radically reduced the number of illicit cellular devices in the institutions where this technology has been available. By removing the chief means of communications that gangs and their leaders have available, Securus is eliminating one of the largest potential security threats in prisons today.


Securus Technologies: Securing Correctional Facilities with Innovative Technologies

Dallas, Texas, hosts one of the leading providers of prison technology in the United States, Securus Technologies. About 2600 correctional facilities and over a million inmates in the United States and Canada rely on technology from this great firm. The company has dispatched its services to the offices in different locations that enable it to serve its clients better. These offices are in Carrollton and Allen in Texas as well as in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the products from the firm include inmate communication solutions, government information technology, and parole tracking services.




Securus Technologies came to being in 1986. It has since recorded much growth over the years, with over 1000 employees currently. The company has made strategic acquisitions in a bid to improve the services provided. Such acquisitions include Syscon Justice Systems acquired in 2007. In the last few years, Securus Technologies has also invested heavily in acquiring patents and adding new products to the market. Over 600 million dollars have gone in the investments. The correctional facilities have embraced the products, with over five facilities approving the new Securus’ Managed Access Solutions technology.




Securus Technology’s mission is to create a secure environment by inventing technologies that prevent and solve crimes. The technologies are effective as evidenced by the feedback given by the users. One client noted using the phone tracking services to obtain the evidence needed to sue a staff who had introduced contrabands. The client obtained a search warrant and eventually the suspect was arrested. Another facility using the call monitoring services was able to learn about crimes that the inmates were committing. Such crimes included drug and alcohol use, illegal money transfers, and access to mobile phones. Securus Technologies’ impressive customer care also delights the clients. One client was having trouble using the covert alert feature. The staff at the firm guided him on the phone and was able to send the suspect to prison.


Securus Technologies is an Industry Leader in Providing Competent Communication Solutions

Securus Technologies is a prisons communication service company based in Dallas, Texas. They have offices established in several American states as well as in Canada. Securus Technology provides correctional facilities with top-notch communication services using the latest technologies.


Securus Technologies History


Securus Technologies Company was founded in 1986. Securus established their first offices in Texas, Carrolton, Atlanta, Allen, and Georgia. Today, the prisons communication service company has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. The technology provides prisons and government with a variety of technological products. Among them include detainee communication services and parolee tracking software. In addition, Securus Technologies provides governments with information and management solutions.


When Securus Technologies was launching, they only had about 500 employees. Today Securus can boast of having over 1,000 employees working in their 45 state branches. Moreover, Securus has the largest business portfolio compared to their rivals. Their technological products serve over 2,600 correction facilities in America alone. Add Canada into the picture and the numbers go beyond that.


Securus Technology has invested over $600 million to grow their business. This investment capital has helped improve their old products and patent new ones. Moreover, Securus has also used their investment capital to buy out other companies.


Companies acquired by Securus Technologies include Guarded Exchange, CellBlox, and JPay. Securus also acquired Telerus, Primonics, Archonix Systems, and DirectHit Systems. Securus was also the company behind the acquisition of the company, Satellite Tracking of People.


Customer Feedback


Prison officials continue to appreciate the services provided by Securus. Technology from Securus helps prison official watch their prisons, keeping them safe. Prison authorities survey phone calls made in their facilities using Securus communication solutions.


Such surveillance helps apprehend corrupt prison workers introducing contraband phones in prisons. Moreover, surveilling phone calls also helps prison officials carry out raids on prison cells. These raids often uncover alcohol, drugs, and other illegal items used or sold by inmates.


Securus’ communication technology has helped correctional facilities up the safety standards of prisons. By using the investigative tools provided by Securus, prison facilities have been able to stop crimes before they happen. Prison officials are able to track incoming and outgoing calls from both inmates and prison staff. The information gathered helps uncover the truth on ongoing cases involving inmates. Such information also helps correction facilities combat threats between inmates.




Securus Technologies outshines their competitors by providing upscale communication products to prisons. The technology firm has won several lucrative publications from renowned newsrooms. Among them include Business Wire and Reuters.


Securus Technologies works with governments to improve the state of correctional facilities. This has seen the tech company win several business tenders over their competitors. The future can only be brighter for Securus.


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